klik - klima konzept 2030

Waste prevention

CAU - first university in Germany with waste prevention concept

The company cyclos GmbH developed an in-depth waste prevention concept for CAU in 2017/2018 which is the first of its kind at a university in Germany. The waste at CAU was recorded in detail and then extrapolated to the whole year on the basis of two sorting campaigns.

The systematic evaluation of the waste revealed that 15 to 30 percent of the waste could be avoided. The majority of this waste is out of paper and plastic. It predominantly consists of waste which is of no use for anybody such as unused paper towels, masses of old flyers and brochures, a great share of single-face printed papers and numerous plastic trash bags containing only little waste.

Measures were eventually derived from the analysis which are now being implemented by klik. Hereby, the university procurement, usage and user behaviour are being considered. The measures were analysed through their whole life cycle to avoid rebound effects and the shift of environmental pollution.