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Hitchhiking on Campus

Every day, several thousand people have to commute between the lower area of the CAU around Leibnizstrasse and the upper area around Otto-Hahn-Platz and Audimax. To make this easier in everyday university life, CAU and the state capital of Kiel have implemented on hitchhiking spots on Olshausenstrasse, following the example of Kiel’s hitchhiking spot on Westring.

Where are the hitchhiking spots located?

The hitchhiking spots are located in the direct vicinity of a bus stop in order to change means of transport spontaneously and conveniently. The hitchhiking sign developed by the state capital of Kiel has been set up as a road sign at the marked points on Olshausenstraße as shown in the illustration. The marked area on the hard shoulder is for stopping and starting.

Hitchhiking Spots

How does hitchhiking work?

Hitchhiking stations are pick up points where commuters can wait to get a spontaneous ride to the other end of the campus, just like at a bus stop. Simply stand in the direction of travel, use the through traffic and get off at the other end of the campus. For car drivers, the hitchhiking station offers a comfortable and safe way to stop and start the car. Hence, the daily traffic at the Olshausenstraße can be used as a quick transport option between the upper and lower part of the campus.

The hitchhiking station is also a halt point for carpools. This can be the starting or finishing point of a joint trip to or from CAU.

As a first step in the test phase, hitchhiking stations will be implemented on Olshausenstraße only. If the offer is well accepted and used, it is conceivable that hitchhiking stations could be set up on Leibnizstrasse as well.

We are looking forward to hearing your experiences and opinions about hitchhiking on campus. Please feel free to share them with us directly.