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Environmental Guidelines

The Arbeitskreis Umweltmanagement of Kiel University developed to determine the environmental policy of the CAU. With its implemantion of the formulated guidelines the Kiel University likes to reduce their negative impacts on the environment. Besides the Kiel University aims to be a role model for sustainable development by realizing the main goals of the guidelines. 

These are the guidelines:

1) Sustainable development of the campus

2) Foster the the awareness for sustainability and environmental protection

3) Optimizing the connection of sustainability in university courses

4) Improve the environmental performance

5) Consideration of energy efficiency and climate protection

6) Resource-efficient building

7) Sustainable mobility

8) Compliance of legal regulations

9) Participation and transfer in context of sustainability

10) Institutionalisation of sustainability and environmental protection


Die Umweltleitlinien der CAU

(Präsidiumsbeschluss vom 15. Juni 2011, vom Senat am 16. Nov. 2011 verkündet)