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Environmental Goals

The environmental goals of EMAS are to be quantified as far as possible. They are renewed every three years by the „Zentrale/n Umweltbeauftragte/n“ and the Arbeitskreis Umweltmanagement. Afterwards the Präsidium and the senat of Kiel University are releasing the new goals.

  • The goals for the years 2015 to 2017 are:
  • Reduction of the specific wattage
  • Reduction of the specific heat energy consumption
  • Reduction of the specific CO2-equvalent by reducing energy and heat consumption
  • Reduction of the specific water consumption
  • Improving an ecofriendly mobility concept
  • Consideration of ecological aspects by buying new equipment
  • Supporting the environmental education



 Umweltziele der CAU für die Jahre 2015 bis 2017
(vom Senat am 8. Juli 2015 angenommen, german version)