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Environmental Management at Kiel University

Kiel University is working on a sustainable consumption of resources as an overlaying theme for all fields of the university. In May 2010, University Board established an environmental management system associated with a certification according to EMAS III (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme).EMAS-Logo In the Central Administration of Kiel University the environmental management system is part of the business domain 'Resources'.

According to EMAS, organizations are voluntary required to accomplish more measures for environment protection than regulated by law. The environmental management system is yearly monitored by an officially accredited assessor.

The working committee (Arbeitskreis Umweltmanagement) is a central part of the environmental management following EMAS guidelines and takes all essential preliminary decisions concerning the management process at Kiel University. The committee is assembled by representatives from all faculties in order to strengthen the participation.

The Comissioner of the environmental management system is the Chancellor of Kiel University, Mr. Holst.

How to contribute your ideas?

To contribute your ideas, go to ‘Ideenpool’ where you can find a list of all ideas submitted to the website.  If you also have some ideas for improvements, send an email to umweltmanagement@uni-kiel.de or post your suggestions on our board on Facebook.

The working committee will take on your ideas and discuss them during their next meeting.

Want more information?

Presentation: Implementation of EMAS at Kiel University (pdf-file, ca. 13 MB)

If you have further questions or if you would like to get more information about the environmental management system at Kiel University, feel free to join our Newsletter or to contact the coordinator of the environmental management: