klik - klima konzept 2030

Assistance & equipment

To reduce the use of energy we give advice and offer the following tools.

First of all, the power eaters have to be identified by measuring the consumption. We lend ammeters for that purpose.


  •  Ammeter


An ammeter is inevitable to find power eaters.

  • Switchable power boards

Steckdosenleiste mit Kippschalter

Make sure your devices are not in standby mode. Simply switch off the power board.

Steckdosenleiste mit Fußschalter

This model has one permanent socket for devices that always need power while the rest can be turned off (by foot)

  • Remote controlled sockets


A remote controlled socket can be used when devices are hardly accessible. In this way beamers and speakers on the ceiling or socket boards behind furniture can also be switched off to save energy.

  • ZeroWatt-sockets


Intelligent, flexible mains socket with ZeroWatt Technology, cuts-off connected devices automatically from mains power within one minute after one device is set to standby mode. It can learn the existing standby current, which may vary (depending on the connected equipment), simply by pressing a button.
To turn it on again push the red button, which you can easily place on your desk.


  • Thermometer


The thermometer can be ordered here

It is useful to monitor your room temperatur and helps saving heating energy. In winter season 20°C is the perfect temperature at work. Every degree above needs 6% more energy!