klik - klima konzept 2030

Renewable energies

The first installations for generating electricity from renewable energy sources on campus are currently being tested. Due to the structure of the existing buildings, a large-scale retrofitting of photovoltaic systems is not feasible. Further installations are being planned in the course of new building projects. This presentation (Working group environmental management, September 2019, intranet, pdf, German version) explains the role of climate protection and sustainability in the new building projects at CAU.



Photovoltaic systems generate electricity on the IPN building and at the Faculty of Technology.

PV-Anlage der TF

Figure: Photovoltaik installation at the Faculty of Technology


Use of wind power on the CAU campus

A potential analysis has revealed that, under current legal circumstances, none of CAU’s outdoor areas is suitable for the installation of a wind power plant. The main reasons are the occurrence of various bird species in the region and the long amortisation periods. You can access the complete study here (link, pdf).


Vertical small wind power plants on CAU buildings cannot pay off within 20 years. Horizontal small wind power plant that pay off after around 16 years could be conceivable.


Procurement of green electricity

Since 2018, CAU has been purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources. The green electricity calculated by the energy provider "enercity" is based on 90 % hydropower electricity from Norway and 10 % wind energy from Denmark. This electricity generation is neither subsidized by the EEG (Renewable Energies Act) nor by the KWKG (Act on Combined Heat and Power Generation) and is considered as CO2-free energy.