klik - klima konzept 2030

klik - klima konzept 2030

To get an overview of Kiel University's climate protection activities watch this video:


Kiel University aims at becoming climate neutral by 2030. In 2010, the University Board of Kiel University (CAU) decided to initiate an environmental management process for the university and to aim for certification by the Ecomanagement and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

The environmental management system was established according to EMAS III during 2011/12 and was validated in November 2012. In the same month, the development of a climate protection concept was launched. It is the declared goal of Kiel University to reach climate neutrality by 2030. With this effort, Kiel University not only strengthens its ecological profile, it can also save money on energy and water.

Reducing the use of natural resources is the main focus of the concept: optimization of energy use and mobility demand, prudent use of water, reduction of sealed surfaces as well as the control of waste generation.

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Q&A with Norbert Kopytziok about the Way to a ‘Climate-neutral’ University
(March 2015, German) 

Presentation on klik (July 2015) (pdf-file, 4 MB)

Climate protection concept  (Text in German)

Environmental management 

Energy cooperative (Text in German)

Participation (Text in German)

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Energy supply

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Energy Supply

Energieversorgungskonzept Leibnizstraße

Das Ing.-Büro e3plan hat in Kooperation mit dem Hochschulzentrum für Kommunale Energie Konzepte (KEK) der Fachhochschule Lübeck für den Teilbereich der Universität in der Region um die Leibnizstraße ein Energieversorgungskonzept erstellt. Dabei wurden alternative Möglichkeiten zur Versorgung mit Wärme und Strom eruiert.


Vortrag (Juni 2013, Intranet, PDF-Datei 2 MB)

Endbericht (Juli 2013, PDF-Datei, ca. 6,8 MB)