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The Waste Prevention Workstream

Since the beginning of 2017 a group of dedicated students is working in a workstream around the topic waste prevention at Kiel University. There a weekly meeting: Every tuesday at 18.00 in CAP 4, R. 1401. Feel free to join the group!

Some recent actions:

  • Actions while the "Europäischen Woche der Abfallvermeidung" at Kiel University from 20. bis 23. Nov. 2017
  • Presenting   the movie "TRASHED" with and produced by OSCAR-winner Jeremy Irons on may 17th.
  • A survey to get to know about the trash behaviour of the people at Kiel Univervsity. You can see the results here (german version) 
  • A random sample of the trash at our university.
  • A trash exhibition in the Audimax (e.g. with coffee-to-go cups)
  • An order of an trash avoidment concept. For more information look here (german version).