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Waste treatment at Kiel University

Waste separation

For the accruing waste are existing to kinds of waste bins: One for paper and one for residual waste. The pre sorted waste is collected by the cleaning staff and is afterwards brought away to approriate waste bins outside os the buildings. The company Abfallmanagement Nord (AMN), a local trash management service, is doing an after assorting.


Waste amounts at Kiel University 2016

(Waste trends 2011-2016, Mischabfall = residual waste, Verpackung = wrapping, Papier/Pappe = paper, Grünschnitt = green waste, Sperrmüll = large trash)


Different amounts of waste (2016)


-Residual waste: 879 tons

-Wrapping: 168 tons

-Paper: 178 tons

-Green Waste: 0 tons

-large trash: 55 tons


Additional amounts of waste in 2016 were:

49 tons of animal litter

1 ton of construction waste

0,08 tons of asbest

And 2200 fluorescent tubes and 75 refridgerators.


Not listed is the trash of the technical institute. In 2015 there were about 21,1 tons of residual waste. The numbers of paper, wrapping, glass and metal waste are not known.


For more information see here: Informationsangeboten des Abfallmanagements  (german version)