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Hitchhiking on Campus

Every day several hundreds of people are moving between the upper and lower campus of the Kiel University. This means a lot of traffic. The Hitchhiking Point at the Westring serves as a role model for hitchhiking points on the campus. These points are planned to be ready until the summer semester 2017.

Where are the hitchhiking points?

The points are situated near to the bus stations: On the lower campus the hitchhiking points can be found on the corner Leibnizstraße and Olshausenstraße. On the upper campus these points are located near to the bus stations „Universität“.

Trampstellen auf dem Campus
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How is it working?

At these meeting points travellers can get spontantanious rides between these points. For the drivers these points are the perfect possibility to stop and offer a ride. With this simple system the daily traffic on the university shall be used by more than one person and the local ublic transport shall be relieved.