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Environmental Aspects

CAU’s key environmental aspects are systematically recorded and evaluated. These include the consumption of energy, water and materials as well as waste generation. In addition to that, indirect environmental pollution, such as pollution caused by mobility, must be reflected. 

We have compiled the key data on CAU’s environmental performance (energy, water, waste, mobility) for you (pdf, extract from the Environmental Declaration 2019, German version)
In conjunction with consumption data, we develop proposals for the reduction of direct environmental impacts (emissions, discharges, waste, resource consumption). In addition, indirect effects caused by the cafeteria, guest apartments, student residences and traffic are evaluated. With that in mind, we define objectives, measures and operational principles of environmental management for the next years to improve environmental performance.
In the current environmental declaration, you can find individual goals and measures.
At all times, compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety legislation must be ensured. The following is a compilation of regulations, relevant to the work at CAU:
The full wording of the legislation can be found at www.umwelt-online.de (German version)
In this checklist (pdf, intranet, German version), you can find a list of the most important aspects regarding environmental review, laboratory operation and handling hazardous substances as well as relevant internet links.
Audits will give you the opportunity to report on your daily operations and could clarify open questions about a legally compliant and environmentally friendly operation. If you and your work or research group are interested in participating in an internal or official audit, please contact sstarzynski@uv.uni-kiel.de