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In an effort to review and validate the CAU’s environmental management including its environmental goals and measures, regular audits are conducted in the form of internal and official audits.



Internal Audit

As part of internal audits, the central consumption numbers for electricity, heat energy, water consumption, waste generation, and the mobility behavior of all university members are documented and evaluated. The applicable environmentally relevant legal regulations and their compliance, particularly in research facilities, laboratories, and workshops, as well as the technology of the operating facilities and the existing environmental management procedures, including the response to previous incidents at CAU, are examined. At the same time, these audits serve to prepare employees for the visit of the environmental auditor.


We have prepared a checklist for you, containing the most important aspects of internal auditing, laboratory operations, and handling of hazardous substances (pdf, intranet, German version).



Official Audit

Every year, CAU's environmental management system is audited by an independent, accredited environmental auditor for compliance with the applicable environmental regulations and for conformity with the requirements of the EC Eco-Audit Regulation No. 1221/2009 (EMAS III). In 2012, CAU passed this audit for the first time and thereby joined the small number of universities with audited environmental management systems.


Audits are not a compliance visit, but give you the opportunity to report on daily operations and, if necessary, clarify any open questions about legally compliant and environmentally friendly operations. If you and your work/research group are interested in participating in an internal or official audit, please contact us at sstarzynski@uv.uni-kiel.de.


In 2020, the official audit takes place on the 7th and 8th of September.


Here you can find a short report on the 2016 audit (pdf, German version).