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Climate Protection Concept

The Kiel University is taking part in the climate protection initiative of the federal government of germany by developing a climate protection concept. Following the concept the university could avoid about 80% of it’s CO2 emissions (about 20.800 tons).




Fig.: CO2-saving potential at Kiel University

The Kiel University ist taking part in the climate protection initiative of the German Gouvernment by compiling a climate protection concept. Before the conception a group of experts determined a list of top priorities. Based on these points the university ordered an appropriate concept.

Expertenrunde zum Klimaschutzkonzept der CAU am 7. März 2012 (German content)

The climate protection concept was created by the Ing.Büro UTEC in 2012/13. It contains the following points:

Step 1: Energy- and CO2-balance

Step 2: Analyse of potential

Step 3: Involvement of stakeholders

Step 4: Measurement catalog

Step 5: Controlling-concept

Step 6: Concept for public relations activities


Zusammenfassung des Klimaschutzkonzepts (PDF-Datei, ca. 200 kB, german version)

Das vollständige Klimaschutzkonzept (PDF-Datei, ca. 4 MB, German version)

The climate protection concept was supported by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.